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Shanghai HUA Jia Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, registered USD million registered in Qingpu District, Shanghai Tang Fu Economic City.It is a private joint-stock limited liability company, office and production space of about 2000 square meters. Shanghai Semiconductor Device Company by the original 20 factory glass, lead plant management and production of the main backbone of the company's general manager of the board of directors to implement the responsibility system. Under production, quality control, technology, engineering, finance, marketing and other departments, including one senior engineer, responsible for the preparation of glass and glass of raw materials. Four high-level technicians responsible for equipment management and maintenance. Four engineers responsible for production process. Two technicians responsible for production scheduling and quality management. Full-time inspectors more than 30, with 20 years experience in glass tube drawn three technicians, a number of accounting and sales, a total of more than 300 employees.In 2002 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system.

In 2004 in order to better service an important client - Hong Kong International Group Taifeng Yushchenko's Electronics Co., Ltd. (ST brand), Dongguan in Guangdong Yushchenko Electronics Co., Ltd. in New 25000KK with an annual production capacity of glass production lines.

In 2005 in order to have greater development in the Qingpu Industrial Park, the purchase of a million square meters of land has been completed and production office space 6000 square meters. Due to development needs as a result of the company set up in the zone Huapei Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huamei Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai.

Glass production equipment is mainly used in glass furnace and glass SLIDE cutter. Shanghai semiconductor devices in 1986 by the original 20 plants imported from the United States UNIVERSEAS a glass furnace SLIDE and DKA companies from the U.S. introduction of a glass cutting machine. In absorption, digestion and the basis of imported equipment in 1990 and in 2001 successfully created the second, three glass furnace SLIDE. Here, in Shanghai in 1995 the 20th semiconductor device closure, we receive the original equipment and set up the Shanghai HuaJia Electronics Co., Ltd.,. Due to the expansion of business in 2002 and created a fourth, five SLIDE glass furnace, and has created more than 20 glass cutting machine, and complete, including the introduction of the original equipment, spare parts of all the domestic so that products are now extended to the entire DO series, LL series and LS series of glass.So far, 10 production lines, annual production capacity of 1,800 tons, or about DO-35 glass 40000KK. And the special requirements of the production of ultra-fine diameter, ultra-fine diameter and thin wall glass tube.

Glass detection equipment imported from the United States UNIVERSEAS, including the expansion coefficient tester, the softening point of a tester. And the acquisition of domestic expansion coefficient and softening point test, and other analytical instruments to meet the needs of improving product quality.

The original production of raw materials used in glass is the company's 8870 United States CORNING glass. In 1986 the introduction of equipment at the same time on the instrument by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau Technical Department Organization Bureau and the power vacuum backbone enterprises in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Glass enamel Shanghai Light Industry Research Institute of the Department of East China Institute of Chemical Technology and was jointly developed by other units.So that domestic production of raw materials as soon as possible to achieve, through continuously improved over the past few years, so that the production of glass used in glass, in terms of formula, melting process or in the physical and chemical indicators are at or near the company's 8870 United States CORNING glass.After more than ten years, dozens of units in the long-term use of large quantities of excellent performance, quality, stability, and in 1990 the Board adopted the technical appraisal instrument. In recent years the market demand for glass sealed diode a significant increase in the need to adapt a glass material, according to this market information, we access a lot of relevant information, combined with their own production processes, technical conditions, after nearly two years of repeated testing, continuous improvement has been successfully developed in 1999 the domestic production of low-temperature glass material ( HJ-61), the glass temperature in the closed end than 8870 U.S. companies CORNING glass low 25 ℃, the equivalent of 8532 Germany's SCHOTT glass, the use of the glass to be effective in increasing production and product yield, can reduce the temperature of the furnace end closure to extend the use of furnace end closure period, saving energy consumption, reduce the temperature of the mold damage, so by users. At present, in order to meet the global demand for electronic products the requirements of environmental protection, development of intellectual property rights have completely lead-free glass and low-temperature diode of the invention patent applications, has begun production and will gradually replace some of the glass first, the environmental protection of human to contribute.

At present, the main users are: Emerson Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (EMERSON), the United States GE, the U.S. CIT, United Kingdom GE, the Philippines, NXP, the Hong Kong International Group Taifeng (SEMTECH), Wei Xu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (VISHAY), Shanwei Johnson Electronics Co., Ltd. (TAK CHEONE), South Korea LATTRON, South Korea, such as U-NISUM and so on.


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Name: Shanghai Huajia Electronics Co., Ltd.
ADD: No.95 Caijia Road QingPu Shanghai China
ZIP: 201712
TEL: 021-59220000
FAX: 021-59221188